Steel profiles, tool steel, castings, slewing bearings, and torque wrenches


Welcome to Pegol, your partner for high-quality industrial products.

Since 1945, we have combined strong raw materials with great expertise to offer custom solutions in steel profiles, tools, castings, and forging. With strong brands, a wide range, and deep knowledge, we strive to be the best in the industry, both in the Nordic and Baltic markets.

Together, we take your business to the next level.

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Our Product Areas

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Steel Profiles

Our patented profile steel ensures strength and precision, ideal for both robust constructions and detailed work.

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ITH Torque Wrenches & Hydraulic Tools

Through ITH, Pegol offers state-of-the-art precision tools such as battery-powered torque wrenches, hydraulic bolt tensioners, and pumps.

Liquid metal giving an orange white glow to the cauldron its poured from

thyssenkrupp rothe erde - Slewing Bearings

We offer rolled rings and slewing bearings. You can also hire us for the service of your components, through the leading brand thyssenkrupp rothe erde.

The outer edges of a windmill

Castings & Forgings

Castings, steel castings, and forgings, from raw to fully finished detail.

A man in a harness doing things with large peices of steel vertical to the facade

Tool Steel & Special Steel

Discover our range of tool steel and special steel from the world-leading brand Böhler, from the manufacturer Voestalpine.

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Other Products

Here you can buy spring systems, UV irradiators, coolers, crawler undercarriages, and technical ceramics for industrial applications.

A selection of our partners

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logo schwerte profilOdlewineVolestapineSecondary LogoITH

We Offer:

Specialized Steel Expertise

Pegol is your dedicated expert in industrial steel and forging products, where the best possible precision and quality is our business philosophy.

Quality is Our Passion

For us at Pegol, quality is not just a standard; it's a passion that permeates every aspect of our work and our products.

Reliability in Your Critical Projects

Pegol is the industry's choice when it comes to delivering structures for critical missions, like nuclear power, wind power, and railways, where our accuracy and documentation ensure necessary durability and safety.

Long-Term Economic Sustainability

Choose Pegol to guarantee not just immediate safety but also long-term cost efficiency with steel products of the highest possible quality.


Pegol is Part of the Ernströmgruppen

Ernströmgruppen is a private industrial conglomerate whose business idea is to develop B2B companies for future generations.

Every company in our decentralized ecosystem is led by talented leaders who, along with their employees, are driven to make their companies a little better, more efficient, and more customer-oriented every day.

Our most important acquisition criterion is to buy solid companies from solid people who share our passion for long-term development of companies for future generations, without any exit agenda.

Our passion is to make good companies better for a sustainable future.

Read more about Ernströmgruppen here

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Our certifications

Vi är certifierade enligt: ISO 9001:2015 och ISO 14001:2015

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